Bert Strip Generator

Privacy Policy

What do we collect?

Absolutely no personal information. We do not store any information about you, your IP or your system.

The only information we store are links that users submit to download images. Please note that this excludes any local files that you upload. We have no way of seeing those.
These links are stored purely in web URL form and are used to help serve as template images for other users.
All links must be approved by the site admin before they are put into service for other users to use. Any images that do not comply with Bert Strip sourcing rules, will not be approved for use.

We also collect Bert Strip titles and captions. This is used for our randomized Bert Strip process.

What if I want my link/caption removed from your database?

First, why did you even use it in the first place if you want it removed?
But if you really want it gone, you can email me at and I can remove it.
Please tell me what link/caption you want removed and why.

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